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Combined Advisory Council

Regional councils gather in Dubai for biennial meeting


The last combined meeting was held in 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey. Dubai, the most populous city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), was an ideal location for the joint meeting due to its emergence as a world class business hub and center of the region’s multitrillion-dollar building boom. The three-day meeting featured presenta­tions and break-out discussion sessions led by key managers and senior executives from FM Approvals and FM Global.

The joint meeting opened with a welcome by repre­sentatives of the UAE Department of Civil Defense, the group charged with developing and maintaining building codes and other guidelines. During his update, Paris Stavrianidis, vice president, manager, FM Approvals, emphasized FM Approvals’ goals to continue to protect the integrity of FM Approved products and the FM Approvals customers’ investment; enhance the awareness and acceptance of FM Approved products in targeted markets; encourage the sharing of technical knowledge to develop global product-testing standards; and continue to enhance the delivery of efficient and comprehensive services to FM Approvals’ customers. “The rapid pace of development in this region of the world makes this a growing market for FM Approved products, either produced locally or imported,” notes Abby So, FM Approvals new business development manager for Asia-Pacific. “Not only are FM Approved products specified by quality-conscious designers and builders, but FM Approvals standards are increasingly being adopted by code-writing bodies in this region in order to provide the highest possible level of loss prevention protection.”

He added, “Our advisory councils help keep us focused on the needs and objectives of our customers and the markets they serve. These· meetings not only help us understand current needs, but help us identify future technical trends that enable us to serve our custom­ers better. The combined meetings provide a critical opportunity for council members to share regional knowledge and provide us with important feedback.”