Environmental Friendly

Sandbags are labour intensive, are very costly and can cause enormous environmental hazards.

Traditional sandbagging using a backhoe and thousands of volunteers can take days or even weeks to put up a dike to protect from the oncoming floods. When the flood is over, try to find a single volunteer to remove the dirty rotting sandbags.

Sandbags hold contaminants like sewage, pollution, riverbank seepage, bacteria, bio hazards, etc. It is a federal mandate, that sandbags cannot simply be dumped in the local landfill, but must be taken away and disposed of as hazardous materials, at a great expense. Because of the cost of disposing sandbags, not to mention the lack of proper disposal areas, many sandbags are left in place or pushed back into the very lake or river they were trying to protect. These rotting sandbags can be extremely harmful for the environment, wildlife, humans, and they cause silting – changing the natural flow of water ways.

The quick and easy set-up of the Tiger Dams™ floodwater protection system takes minimal time and manpower. Then, when the floodwaters recede, the tubes can be drained within minutes, rolled up and reused again and again. This system leaves no foot print and is completely environmentally friendly.

The tubes can be easily cleaned and stored, or shipped to a local authorized distributor to be cleaned, tested, repaired if necessary, re-certified, repackaged and ready again for the next onset of floods.