42″ Tiger Dam

US Flood Control Contact UsThe 42” Tiger Dam™ design is based on the same characteristics as the standard Tiger DamTM, using the exact fabric and tensile properties. The size of the Tiger Dam™ is what is makes it stand out in our product line.

Perimeter barrier performance testing was conducted at the US Army Corps of Engineers’ Engineering and Research Development Center (ERDC) located in Vicksburg, MS.  During testing, Tiger Dams™, the world’s most rigorously tested flood control product, were set up in 1/5 the time of sandbags and vehemently withstood high velocity riverine currents, giant logs, underwent intensive wave testing and were over-topped without failure.

The 42” Tiger Dam™ has received approvals for use as a temporary perimeter barrier flood protection system.

The enormous cost of the one in 500 year flood protection means that many governments and private enterprises are no longer willing to spend large sums of money – and now look to temporary flood protection for today’s mitigation.


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