Super Tiger Dams


Super Tiger Dams

The Tiger Dam™ System is ideal for retention ponds on top of river banks, levees and road ways; anywhere you are able to use heavy equipment for access, ie. forklift.

• Tiger Dams™ can be joined together to form any shape, squares, triangles etc. The added benefit of the Tiger Dam™ system is that all tubes can be joined or stacked along the river bank or levee depending on flood elevations.

• Each 3, 6, 9 and 12 ‘ Super Tigers are available in 100 ‘ tubes with two 8 ‘ sleeves and provide approx. 100′ of flood protection by 36 ” – 144″ high. The dry weight of each tube is (3′ x 280 lbs). Custom sizes available.

• 2 “x 2 ” heavy duty air check valves are located on both ends for filling or draining. These tubes can be filled with water, salt water, mud slurry or concrete. Each filled tube is approx. 22302 liters.

• All of our Tiger Dam™ super sized bags have a minimum of three valves; two valves for filling and one main air drain valve. The filling valves are located on both ends of the tube to provide easy access for filling or draining individually or simultaneously to increase the filling or draining speed. All have a 5 year guarantee on product materials.

• The fabric is made of heavy duty double coated nylon or PVC made of proprietary ingredients.

• You can join or stack small and large Tiger Dam™ systems together.

• 18 anchors are required for every 100′ of tubing. We recommend anchors with 18 straps x 18 x 3′ anchors. This will provide you with 10,000 lbs. of added stabilization strength per anchor or approx. 180,000 lbs. for every 100’
depending on soil.

• We recommend nothing less than a 36 ” helical anchor. 36 ” x 3/4 ” galvanized steel shaft with two 4 ” helical discs on it. These may require a minimum of 4 ‘ x 3/4 ” with two 6 ” helical discs depending on soil conditions.

• A soil test was done by a University of Manitoba Engineer in March of 2011. The test was performed on frozen and unfrozen ground ranged from 18,000 to 30,000 lbs. of pull resistance both straight and on a horizontal pull. There were varied results for the unfrozen ground tests: Some were not able to be pulled out of the ground because the equipment was not strong enough. None of the frozen ground anchors were able to be pulled out. All of these anchors were 36 ” x 3/4 ” galvanized steel with a 3 ” disc with a bottom for penetration and a 4 ” disc for holding power. Both tests were done on the Red River in Winnipeg Manitoba. Call before you dig. Please check with your local our utilities department, as well as your local soil engineer for soil strength before digging or drilling..