I would like to thank you for the excellent support that you have given my group on this project. Both you and the installation contractor that you recommended have been extremely responsive and have provided top notch.

Thanks Again,
Tom Lanigan
Manager – Area Substations

To Whom It May Concern:

St. Charles Parish has used US Flood Control’s emergency flood control equipment for the past three years. The flood control tubes have proven to be an invaluable resource to the Department of Public Works. We have deployed them to protect against hurricane storm surge and the performed remarkably. Most notably, when the US Corps of Engineers left a 500-foot gap in our East Bank Hurricane Protection, we deployed the tubes to close the gap for levee protection. I would certainly recommend these flood control tubes as an efficient and quick response to any flood control problems.

Gregory E. Bush, LTC, USA, Retired
Director of Public Works/Wastewater


December 15th, 2006

US Flood Control Corporation

Attention: Cheryl Witmer

Recently Plaquemines Parish and Citrus Lands were challenged by high tide on the back levee. We contacted you and the response was quick. You provided a product that worked great and was installed in a timely manner (almost immediately). It was good to see that the product was versatile on all types of terrains.

Thank you again for the promptness of your response and the way things were handled.


Lonnie Greco
Director of Operations


May 29, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

As the Mayor of the Rural Municipality of St. Clements, I am pleased to submit this letter of reference for International Flood Control and their product, Tiger Tubes.

I would like to start by saying the municipality has dealt with a number of natural disasters through the last few years. We have had spring overland flooding, ice induced flooding, fires, tornadoes, and we have had life and property loss. As elected officials, it is our responsibility to have the necessary tools required to do the best possible job, because at times, human life depends on it. These disasters have made the municipality appreciate when new products are offered to them; products which allow better protection for the citizens they represent. We believe that Tiger Tubes are such a tool.

In 2009 the RM of St. Clements faced the worst Ice Induce Flooding ever recorded for the area. We started on March 23 with major Overland Flooding were yards and basements ended up filling with flood water and then moved to ice induce flooding due to Ice Jams in the Red River system, there many homes overwhelmed with water and much lost. Sand bagging in such an event is never an easy task, especially when it is a task which takes much time and much effort, time that no one has when fighting to save their home and property. Nor the effort when trying to fine the necessary volunteers to make, deliver, and to build a dike.

Tiger Tubes are a tool which can be set up by one or two people. It is a product which uses the water which it is trying to protect itself from. It is easy to deploy, to clean up and leaves little damage doing so. That is something that sandbags do not. In closing I will share one story of how these tubes saved a home from devastation. The tubes were set up around a house in St. Clements which sat along the river. During the flooding event this area took on massive flood waters and huge volumes of ice floats. Though the water went far higher than the dike was build for, it was successful in keeping all the ice floats from going right through the home. That was something which Was seen as unbelievable to our RM employees and fire departments.

Tiger tubes have saved time, money and property during the flood fighting efforts of 2009. It has been one of the best investments our municipality has made. We are truly happy to supply this letter of reference.

Highest regards,

Steve Strang
Mayor, RM of st. Clements

April 24, 2009

Dear Premier Doer:

Or behalf of the Council and the residents of the RM of East St. Paul, I would like to express our sincere appreciation for the swift action taken by the Province of Manitoba during the 2009 spring flooding emergency.

Our Council are especially appreciative of the decision made by the Honourable Steve Ashton on the evening of March 25th to proceed wIth the purchase of several hundred tube dikes to assist in the flood fighting efforts. Our municipality was in desperate need to act quickly and the purchase of the tube dikes was a tremendous assistance in our efforts to protect numerous homes from the back up to water due to the Ice jam at Lockport that day.

In addition, the Province of Manitoba supplied other equipment and resources to assist in our flood fighting efforts such as sand bagging equipment. We are also appreciative of the excellent information that was communicated to us on a regular basis. with regards to river elevation and other factors that Impacted our flooding situation. This type of information was invaluable when our emergency personnel were required to make decisions on actions necessary to fight the flood waters.

All of the contributions made to our community by the Province of Manitoba during this stressful tlme were appreciated. In addition to the assistance provided to us by your government, your presence in our area during the flooding was evidence of your concern for our problems. We are sincerely grateful for everything that was done to help us.

Lawernce Morris
Mayor, Rural Municipality of East St. Paul

April 20, 2009

On behalf of the residents of West St. Paul, I am responding to the references Lindsey Wiebe made to tube dikes used by the province, municipalities, and the City of Winnipeg in this year’s flood preparations and response.

Our municipality used approximately 300 fifty foot lengths of tubing within our boundaries to protect our infrastructure and community against this year’s threats of surface flooding, flash flooding, and the rising Red. The tube dikes successfully protected no less than 30 homes. We are indeed grateful to Minister Ashton and the provincial government for having added tube dikes to the arsenal of flood defence measures available to us. Their use has been in fact, as Minister Ashton is quoted in Lindsey’s article, been [quite] successful in West St. Paul. There can be no question of their efficacy against rising water when used according to the manufacturer’s instructions and cautions.

I extend my sincere thanks to the province for its support to us through this flood season. My appreciation to West St. Paul Public Works, our volunteer Fire Department, Council, and staff for their extraordinary dedication and effort so far in the course of this historical flood event.

Mayor of West St. Paul,
Cliff Dearman

Ann: Cheryl Witmer


Thank you agin for taking the lime to visit our site and discuss our requirements for the upcoming season. Our current inventory of inflatable tubes has served us well over the past 12 years especially during the major floods experienced in 1995 and 2005.

Because of the physical changes that have taken place with the river that runs along the north side of our property we find that we must deploy the inflatable burms every year during our spring run-off. In 2006 the level of the river rose especially fast threatening us with a disruption in play or golf course closure. Fortunately we were able to deploy over 1000 feet of burms in under two hours with only two people. Every time we are required to deploy the burns we are dealing with different and unusual cilrcumstances but the burms consistently perform 100% and save us from expensive closures or property loss.

Thank you again for all your assistance and we look forward to working with U.S. Flood Control Corp in developing our future flood control strategies.


Mitch Jaques
Colf Course Manager
The Glencoe Golf & Country Club

August 31. 2007

To whom it may concern:

This letter will confirm that St. Bernard Parish utilized the U.S. Flood Control Emergency Diversion Dams to assist us with the 2005 flooding issues we experienced here in Louisiana.

We found the product to bo easily and quickly deployed, easily maintained and extremely effective in the control of flood waters. The products and the associated human resources are excellent. We would ntl hesitate to recommend this product to anyone who wishes to be proactive and prepared in the case of an emergency.


Charles Reppel
Chief of Staff, St. Bernard Parish.

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