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What the heck is a ‘tiger dam’ doing in Vancouver? Here’s what that orange thing is for

Vancouver is bracing itself for another king tide. The last king tide caused floods around Vancouver and even created a small island with floating logs in False Creek. The flooding also submerged several sections of the Stanley Park Seawall and Kitsilano Pool.
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City of Midland, Michigan Deploys Tiger Dams

Earlier this week, staff from our Wastewater department performed a trial run on its newest and strangest looking tool in its flood control arsenal: A US Flood Control Tiger Dam! This system is a series of elongated, flexible tubes that are filled with water and joined together to create an impervious barrier that protects areas, assets, and equipment from flood waters.
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Florida starts pilot program in Volusia County to save damaged dunes

Florida’s emergency management team is getting creative in finding ways to reinforce Volusia’s coastline after the recent storms. Dozens of homes and buildings caved in or were deemed too dangerous for residents after the storm surges caused by Hurricanes Ian and Nicole wiped away their dunes and seawalls.
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Tiger Dam system to be installed in Daytona Beach Shores for temporary erosion protection

The impact tropical storms Ian and Nicole had on our beaches, particularly in Volusia County, where powerful surf undermined homes, was strong.
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Beachside segment in Daytona Beach Shores receives Tiger Dam erosion protection

Tropical storms Ian and Nicole not only brought enough rainfall to flood several streets in the Daytona Beach area, they contributed to rising waters on the beachside that shocked residents by eroding the sand, bringing down seawalls and pulling homes into the ocean.
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National Guard helps drain Ian’s floodwaters from Florida hospital parking lot

SANFORD, Fla. - Members of the National Guard were using water to fight water as they battled floodwaters in the parking lot of HCA Florida Lake Monroe Hospital, in Sanford.
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Tiger Dam at St. Augustine City Marina

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. — The entire City of St. Augustine is under a mandatory evacuation order starting Wednesday. Hurricanes have walloped it before. Tuesday, the city was abuzz as people prepared for Hurricane Ian.
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The Texas State Aquarium deployed versatile Tiger Dam Systems

The Texas State Aquarium deployed versatile Tiger Dam Systems as a temporary rehabilitation pool, after 17 Loggerhead Sea Turtles were found in distress on Texas beaches. U.S. Flood Control is
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Heavy rains prompt state of emergency in Calgary, flooding fears in B.C.

Calgary declared a state of emergency Monday as torrential rains were predicted to pelt Southern Alberta with more than a month’s worth of rain in just three days, but the
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2022 Hurricane Season Officially Begins

Waterfront businesses in South Florida are turning to emergency dams filled with water to protect property from flooding and storm surge. U.S. Flood Controls Cheryl Witmer explains efficiency of Tiger
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