U.S. Flood Control


Homeland Security

The Tiger Dam™ system can be used to contain spilled bio-hazardous materials, wastewater, and terrorist intended chemical liquids. The 90 second rapid deployment diversion Tiger Dam™ weighs 65 lbs. when empty, and can be rapidly filled to 50 feet long holding over 700 gallons of chemical liquid or slurry type mixtures. Simply use a 2″ pump to pump the sand/debris into the tube. The Tiger Dam becomes an airtight holding tank, with over 6000 lbs. capacity –remove as weight capacity changes with the density of what it is filled with. Once contained in the holding tank, the spill can be pumped out at a safe and convenient time into a bio-hazardous tank truck/water truck and disposed of according to environmental standards.


Retention Ponds

The Tiger Dam™ system can be used as an alternative to reduce the number of acres required for storm water retention and the costs associated with excavating and removing fill material from subdivisions.

The Tiger Dam™ system can retain spring run off for future seasonal irrigation


Telephone, Fiber Optics, Hydro Dams and Utilities

The Tiger Dam™ system can replace the use of sandbags and crews needed to man the sandbag walls to protect the utility and the employees in a time of flooding.


Chemical Plants / HAZMAT

The Tiger Dam™ system can be used as containment or secondary containment to mitigate spills versus expensive earth works and containment membranes.

The Tiger Dam™ system can also be used to protect refineries from threatening flood water.


Containment for Sewage

Many cities in older areas have combined sewer systems (sewage and storm water). During peak rain events, the system cannot handle the capacity and spills directly into the river system, bypassing the sewage treatment. Containment, specifically placed could control large volumes of water accumulation to reduce the threat of the combined system reaching its capacity causing raw sewage from going into the river system.


Golf Courses

The Tiger Dam™ system can be used to protect golf course fairways and greens from costly damages caused by flooding by diverting rivers and other threatening water sources.


Personal Property

The Tiger Dam™ system can quickly protect your property from the onset of floods. By strategically placing the flexible barrier around your home you can prevent floodwaters from destroying your property and assets.


Road Ways

Tiger Dam™ can be used to keep roadways open during flood events, and can be used when constructing roadways, crews can effortlessly implement the Tiger DamTM system to prevent runoff issues. This enables a hassle free environment to easily and efficiently complete a project.


River Crossings

Whether the need is to contain parts of a river for environmental reasons or simply to repair walkways or bridges, the Tiger Dam™ system is an economical and environmentally friendly product that assists in making any project easier.


Bridge Repair

The Tiger Dam™ system can assist in creating safe work areas for crews working on jobs such as major bridge repairs. It can be used to create coffer dams and as temporary river diversion to keep the work area accessible.


Water Storage

Some floods cause irreparable damages, possibly even to a town’s water supply. When the Tiger Dam™ system is filled with clean water it can be used for safe drinking water in case of emergencies.

Water Storage

Irrigation Ditches​

The Tiger Dam™ system can be used to transport or divert water from rivers similar to irrigation channels. The product can be used to contain or channel water to agricultural areas versus excavating costly irrigation ditches, used only in low precipitation years.

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