Due to an ever increasing demand for an innovative, feasible alternative to sandbags, U.S. Flood Control Corp. developed a simple rapid deployment system designed to act as a temporary emergency Tiger Dam™ suitable for use in a wide variety of situations.

U.S. / International Flood Control Corp., “THE Sandbag Replacement Company”. is an EMERGENCY RAPID DEPLOYMENT Tiger Dam™ system that is unique, affordable and effective. This Tiger Dam™ System consists of elongated flexible tubes which maybe quickly stacked, joined end to end and filled with water. The pyramid shaped structure forms a barrier to protect buildings, resort properties and any other structures prior to the onset
of a flood. The tubes can be filled with a 2 inch pump, a fire hydrant (fastest) or a garden hose. The tubes are capable of being stacked up to a maximum of 32 feet high and linked together seamlessly for miles. They can be virtually any length and take any shape. Each tube weighs 65 lbs dry and 6300 lbs when filled with water.

These temporary engineered, interlocking, flexible tubes are then drained of water which flows back into the river when the flooding subsides. The result is a reusable system that protects property without the need of sandbags. When the floodwaters recede, the tubes can be drained within minutes, rolled up and reused again and again. They can easily roll up into a small package for storage (approximately 10 inches high x 19 inches wide); therefore protecting our environment and with no environmental damage at all. Our system is completely environmentally friendly.

When deployed properly, our Tiger Dam™ System may be able to divert up to 100% of floodwaters. Our System can be assembled within minutes using floodwater or any water source with the help of as few as two people (depending on the scope of the job).

The tubes can be easily repaired with a vinyl repair kit, awning repair kit, a simple bicycle repair kit, or wet weld (duct-tape – temporary fix only).

No heavy equipment is required to use the Emergency Rapid Deployment Tiger Dam System. Deployment can be done from a pickup truck, the trunk of a car, emergency vehicles, etc. Our patented Tiger Dam™ System is the only thing you may need for any future flooding problems.

This is a proven system, with multiple high level reference sites such as Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. Test results showed that the system exceeded its design criteria and performed well under a wide variety of situations.