(FEMA) Confirms Many Flood Insurance Policies Provide Compensation

(FEMA) confirms many flood insurance policies provide compensation up to $1,000 for reasonable expenses incurred to protect insured property prior to a flood.

US Flood Control Home Owners Kit Front-DoorwayIn the last 10 years, flooding cost the U.S. $40.3 billion in damages. This does not include the damage associated with tropical cyclones, which represented an additional $431.3 billion, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA).

NAIC President and South Carolina Department of Insurance Director, Ray Farmer, is encouraging national residents to reduce their flood risk by leveraging flood loss avoidance.

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Article courtesy of NAIC National Association of Insurance Commissioners

U.S. Flood Control & Tiger Dams™ provides a home flood protection kit that is now available. No need for heavy, smelly, ugly and contaminated sandbags that don’t work anyway. Use the Mini Tiger Box over and over again. Installs easy and disassembles and stores with no hassle.


  • 48 inches long x 12 inches wide x 12 inches high
  • Fill with standard garden hose, takes several minutes to fill depending on water pressure and can be drained within seconds when opened
  • Made from industrial strength poly
  • Mini Tiger Box can be used during all seasons (can be frozen).
  • Simply empty when done with cap off, hang to dry on garage hook. Disassemble and fold up in bag for easy storage and re-use when needed.

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New! Residential Flood Barrier Kits


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Tropical Storm Isaias Spurs NYC to Deploy Temporary Flood Barriers

NYC to deploy temporary flood barriers, de Blasio says city ‘not taking any chances’

Inflatable flood protection barriers were set up in Lower Manhattan on Monday as New York City officials are preparing for any possible storm surge from Tropical Storm Isaias.

The National Weather Service (NWS) said that a tropical storm warning is now in effect for the nation’s largest city, with the potential for winds gusting up to 70 mph and several inches of rain.

“We are not taking any chances at all,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday.

Read More: https://bit.ly/3fB6foG

Article Courtesy of Fox News

NYC Deploys Tiger Dams

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Tiger Dam World Trade Center

Taking steps to protect the 911 Memorial World Trade Center with U.S.Flood Control & Tiger Dam™ systems.

Narrated by Tony Locasto, Chief Engineer, 911 Memorial and Cheryl Witmer of U.S. Flood Control this short video gives a narrative of the construction and implementation of Tiger Dam™ in place as the crew set up in a mock flood situation.


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NYC sets up hydro-dam in preparation for Tropical Storm Isaias

NYC sets up hydro-dam in preparation for Tropical Storm Isaias

New York City has started preparing for Tropical Storm Isaias that could hit the Big Apple with 70mph winds, the strongest since Superstorm Sandy, as forecasters warn that the storm is still expected to strengthen into a Category 1 hurricane before hitting the Carolinas on Monday.

Get The Full Report: http://dailym.ai/2PpAIvq

Article by Daily Mail.com


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New York City Preparing For Possible Flooding In South Street Seaport

New York City Preparing For Possible Flooding In South Street Seaport

New York City preparing for possible flooding from hurricane Isaias.

The storm is expected to arrive late Monday night, bringing heavy rainfall and strong winds. Coastal flooding and power outages are possible.Tiger Dam™ is preparing their emergency dam systems in advance as part of the cities interim flood protections program in case of extreme flooding.

Get The Full Report https://cbsloc.al/2Xsajl8














Article by CBS New York


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Be Prepared for Flooding

Be Prepared for Flooding

What are some reasons for flooding?

Coastal FloodingThere are many reasons for flooding and not all flooding causes damage or is catastrophic.

Flooding mostly occurs when stream or river systems fill beyond their capacity. It can also happen on lake or coastal shorelines during periods of high water levels encroach on flood plains or low-lying areas.

The intensity and duration of precipitation saturates the soil and alters the ability of the earth to absorb the water and that influences the rate of runoff. This will eventually affect the capacity of the area to contain the flow of the water downstream.

Climate has an important influence on heavy flooding as well. In the north sudden melting of winter snow or ice formations on rivers causing ice jams can cause severe flooding.

Coastal Storms

Sudden changes in atmospheric pressure and moving storm systems cause surges. Storm systems in some areas are frequent and can potentially cause higher water levels at coastlines. Elevated water levels combined with wind and atmospheric pressure produce by tropical hurricanes often result in storm surges resulting in heavy flooding in coastal towns and cities.

Cyclones and Hurricanes

The tropical cyclone differs from the extratropical cyclone because it focuses energy in a small area. Only a few hundred kilometres away the weather can be calm. With the approach of a tropical cyclone the weather suddenly deteriorates into a violent maelstrom. The fury of such a cyclone is never forgotten by those who have experienced it.

Tropical cyclones tend to follow seasonal tracks. The early season storms of June and July originate in the Gulf of Mexico and the western Caribbean Sea. These storms are most likely to affect the Atlantic in a broad band from Florida southeast to the Cape Verde Islands during August, September and October.

Any of these situations are devastating to property and communities when they occur. Why not be prepared.

Whether you’re a home owner or a large municipality or city, being prepared for a major flood can save human lives and millions in property damage. Courtesy of @canada.ca/

U.S. Flood Control and Tiger Dam™ systems is the ONLY system patented to connect together to create an impervious barrier for miles, in any shape (circles, 90 degrees turns etc.) and is the ONLY system that is stackable, from 18 inches to 32 ft. in height.  It has mitigated flood damage all across North America and its home door kit system is a proven, fast solution for home owners in flood situations.

For information on Tiger Dam™ systems or immediate flood relief call 866-852-1118.

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Be Prepared for Flooding

Be Prepared for Flooding

Preparedness is one of the most important when trying to prevent flooding.

After incurring damage during Hurricane Irma, the Cummer Museum in Jacksonville Florida realized that they were in a very vulnerable spot and more prone to flooding.

They turned to US Flood control to bring Tiger Dam  to Jacksonville and set up a perimeter to protect the museum from the projected onslaught of Hurricane Damian.

Thankfully the course of the hurricane turned and Jacksonville was not hit and the museum now has a Tiger Dam™ world class flood protection system that can be implemented if needed in the future.

US Flood Control & Tiger Dam are on call 24/7 and can be reached for emergency at 866-852-1118



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