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Cities At Risk with Rising Sea Levels

As sea levels rise more and more global cities become exposed to flooding. Around the world international communities are having to take extreme measures to guard their communities, businesses and

Being Prepared for Flooding is More than Half the Battle.

Prepared for Flooding A good flood protection strategy can not only save millions when it comes to cities and municipalities but it also saves residential property and lives. U.S. Flood

Tropical Storm Isaias Spurs NYC to Deploy Temporary Flood Barriers

NYC to deploy temporary flood barriers, de Blasio says city ‘not taking any chances’ Inflatable flood protection barriers were set up in Lower Manhattan on Monday as New York City

NYC sets up hydro-dam in preparation for Tropical Storm Isaias

New York City has started preparing for Tropical Storm Isaias that could hit the Big Apple with 70mph winds, the strongest since Superstorm Sandy, as forecasters warn that the storm

New York City Preparing For Possible Flooding In South Street Seaport

New York City preparing for possible flooding from hurricane Isaias. The storm is expected to arrive late Monday night, bringing heavy rainfall and strong winds. Coastal flooding and power outages

Manhattan Trying to Fund Flood Protection Plan

Five and a half years after Hurricane Sandy ravaged Lower Manhattan the city is still trying to raise funds to implement its storm-protection project know as Manhattan Tip. The project

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